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About Us

Career Path is an international student recruitment organization that assist student in pursuing higher education in Universities in Australia, Europe/ UK, India, Bangladesh, USA etc. Global education is fast becoming a norm as abroad studies have become a very important channel for personal development at career progression. We at Career Path offer a complete – in-depth counseling helping a student make informed decision about the best career development, right from the course and university selection to taking the flight. In short we provide a tailored career advice- mapping the Career Path that suits your need within the limitation that exist in each case be it Financial or personal. We endeavor to give our students proper information and guidance using our expertise research and vast experience.Read More

We believe in establishing long lasting relation with our customer by providing Par excellence educational services.

Selection Of Courses

Careerpath helping students for the selection of course to be chooses according to the qualification and interest of students.

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Online Training

For the students busy with their daily schedule, we provide online training for test preparation courses with minimal charges.

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Visa Counseling

We do provice free visa counseling services for the students applying abroad study through our industry expert councellors.

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Arranging Air Tickets

Every students will get support till the very last moment of travel date. No need to worry about travel management and air tickets.

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New Online Courses

Ielts Express

IELTS Express

IELTS Express is designed for fast preparation for the IELTS exam. You get 45 days access and limited content.

IELTS Master

IELTS Master

IELTS Master is designed for comprehensive preparation for the IELTS exam. You get 90 days access to all content.

IELTS Master Plus

IELTS Master Plus contains all the comprehensive content of IELTS Master, plus personal feedback from qualified English Language Tutors. You get 90 days access to all content.