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About Us

Career Path is an international student recruitment organization that assist student in pursuing higher education in Universities in Australia, Europe/ UK, India, Bangladesh, USA etc. Global education is fast becoming a norm as abroad studies have become a very important channel for personal development at career progression. We at Career Path offer a complete – in-depth counseling helping a student make informed decision about the best career development, right from the course and university selection to taking the flight. In short we provide a tailored career advice- mapping the Career Path that suits your need within the limitation that exist in each case be it Financial or personal. We endeavor to give our students proper information and guidance using our expertise research and vast experience.

Our Team

My ideal team member is someone who is firmly committed to the common goals of the team, someone who is not afraid to roll up their sleeves and 'muck in' to get the job done – someone who is prepared to take personal responsibility for getting the job done. Loyalty is obviously also important, loyalty to their colleagues, their management and to the organisation as a whole. They also need to be a good communicator because communication is key to successful working relationships.

Sudeep Bista




Ashif Ali

Educational Consultant

Nafisa Baptist

Educational Consultant